Travelling is this today, too. What we left behind and what we dream about. Travelling is necessity, joy and pride. Travelling is passion. It represents subjective reflection of a life style, much as a personal reward for a business success.

Martin Marin, spec.oecc
CEO, MM Tours d.o.o.


Martin Marin, spec.oecc
CEO, MM Tours d.o.o.



Travelling together since 1995

Big thank you for this developing journey goes, before anyone else, to all our employees, who, with dedication and responsibility, are doing their work.
We are proud to have great cooperation with both domestic and foreign business partners, as well as individual users of our services. Shown trust we are trying to justify by taking quality of our service to a higher level.
We are monitoring market needs, as well as trends. By constant investing in best vehicles of new generation and employee education we want to take customers satisfaction to a new level.

We think only greatness can provide that. Surely that is one of the reasons why we choose only the best, therefore our vehicle fleet contains only Premium busses, Mercedes-Benz. The best or nothing!
For decades we are doing our best to be reliable and competitive business partner, who, by responsible conduct and quality, tries to contribute to business community growth. We are trying to understand specific demands of our clients and turn them into highest quality service.
Hoping that You will trust us, too, let’s enjoy and travelling together!



Feel the breeze of luxury. Feel special

Safety & Innovation

Safety & Innovation are just few of terms traditionally associated with our company and our vehicles. We constantly invest in the security and innovation of our services as well as in the latest equipment to offer you the best service on the market

Elegance & Luxury

We connected tradition and future, experience and competence and for a reward we gain Your trust, to whom we thank our growth into one of most significant economy subjects in tourism, with special accent on passenger transit service in Croatia and abroad.

Your trust

Many showed us their trust, the largest pharmaceutical companies, travelling agencies, sports and cultural organisations, political and economical subjects, as well as private citizens that seek top treatment. Thanks to them we participated in many magnificent projects.

Biggest buyers

We are the biggest buyers of Mercedes Benz busses of high touristic class in Dalmatia and one of the largest in Croatia. That shows that we value quality of provided service and possibility of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee is our professional staff, millions of kilometres and just as many satisfied customers.

New technologies

Implementation of new technologies, by constantly investing into vehicles and staff education, we are doing our best to provide the service at highest level. We maintain constant growth, which resulted with winning many awards and recognitions from the official institutions in Croatia.